Rent with driver

If a train, bus or plane does not leave at the moment you need, but you absolutely need to reach your destination by the agreed time, we can most likely help you – minibus rental with driver

We offer a bus rental service with a driver to make your holiday or work trip more convenient. Our friendly and polite driver will take you to your desired destination.

You can feel safe using a rental service with a driver. Our driver has long-term driving experience who ensures a safe arrival.

Sass, he is probably the best driver in Tallinn, who brings, takes and drives as needed. Knows different languages ​​and can learn Chinese as well as Korean if desired, so this year “안녕” “こんにちは” in the local language “hello” happened. Every day he speaks in Estonian, Russian and English.

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Rental with driver from 4 hours:
Small car – 35 EUR / hour
Mid-class car – 40 EUR / hour
Representative car – 45 EUR / hour
Minibus (8+1 k) – 50 EUR / hour

Rental with driver from 6 hours:

Small cars – 30 EUR / hour
Middle class cars – 35 EUR / hour
Representative cars – 40 EUR / hour
Minibus (8+1 k) – 50 EUR / hour

Rental prices with driver do not include fuel costs and car rental with driver.

ONE WAY rental

Tallinn – Pärnu + 100 EUR
Tallinn – Tartu + 160 EUR
Tallinn – Riga + 200 EUR
Tallinn – Vilnius + 400 EUR
Tallinn – Helsinki + 350 EUR

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Best way to book here:
Call: +3725549021
Write: info@vaikebussirent.ee

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